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This insurance covers loss of money (cash, bank and currency notes, checks (crossed or uncrossed), postal and money orders, current postage stamps) by theft following forcible exit and/or entry or robbery:
• Loss of money while transported between places or banks.
• Loss of Money in Safes or Strong rooms.
• Seasonal increase in Sum Insured:
    - Month of Ramadan Increase.
    - Bank Holiday Increase


(1 ) Any loss recoverable under Fidelity Guarantee policy.
(2) Bodily injury caused to employees/representatives.  
(3) Error or Omission or Shortage due to depreciation/fluctuation of currency. 
(4) use of key or a combination of code or key.  
(5) Money left in an unattended vehicle.


The insurance cover may be extended to include the followings:
- Personal accident cover to the employees transporting the money.
- Losses or damages to the safes or strong rooms.
- Loss or damage to clothing of Insured's employees.
- Riot & Strike.

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