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The Cooperative Health Insurance Policy issued by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council and approved by Buruj cooperative insurance company aims to provide healthcare coverage to non-Saudi residents and their family members and extends to all Saudis working in private companies and institutions and their family members.

Coverage includes: 
All costs relating to medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment and medicines / All costs relating to of hospitalization including surgeries, same-day surgeries or treatment as well as obstetrics and delivery /  Treatment of dental and gum diseases / Acute psychological disorder / Alzheimer Cases / Heart Valves Replacement Cases / Costs of preparation and repatriation of the corpse of a beneficiary to the home country specified in the labor contract
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This policy shall not cover claims arising from:

Intentional self-inflicted injury / All costs related to tooth implant, dentures, fixed or movable bridges or orthodontic treatment, unless resulting from violent external means /  Cosmetic treatment or surgery unless necessitated by a bodily injury not excluded in this section/ Hair loss, baldness or artificial hair / Equipment, means, drugs and procedures, or hormone treatment aimed at regulating reproduction, contraception, fertility, infertility, impotence, secondary sterility, in-vitro fertilization or any other method of artificial fertilization.
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Health Care Providers

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Medical Insurance Booklet

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