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Medical Malpractice Insurance


The main purpose of this insurance policy is to cover your liability under the law on practicing health professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, promulgated by Royal Decree no m/59 dated 01/11/1426H and its implementing regulations.


Medical practitioners exert tremendous efforts whilst conducting their operations and they endeavor to practice the highest professional, moral and human standards in this respect . Nevertheless, they cannot  always avoid human errors or omissions that might  cause harm to others , such as bodily and mental injuries, diseases and possibly death. This entails legal responsibilities culminating in the payment of large amounts of pecuniary compensations, specially blood money which currently stands at SR. 300,000.-  as well as disability (Aroush), and might expose them to legal lawsuits and destruction of their professional carrier.

Persons and Entities needing this Insurance

The policy can be obtained by licensed individual practitioners on stand-alone basis or by entities (groups of practitioners), such as hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, clinics and other entities.

Basic Cover

This insurance cover provides protection against liability arising from any bodily or mental injury, disease or death of any patient caused by one or more unintentional negligent acts, errors or omissions committed by the medical practitioners in connection with his or her occupation or business conducted within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The Medical Malpractice insurance policy is characterized by the following features:

  1. Its compliance with the regulations of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
  2. Providing necessary protection against financial consequences of professional errors or negligence committed whilst conducting health professions.
  3. Indemnifying the Insured against amounts that must be paid legally as indemnity to third party within the limits stated in this policy
  4. The evidence of insurance cover protects the insured from being prohibited to travel outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in case of lawsuit consequent to a medical malpractice act covered by this policy and within the covered limit of indemnity.

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