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Marine Cargo Insurance

Basic Coverage

This insurance covers goods of all kinds, whilst loaded or transported, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, imported from abroad or exported abroad, by sea, air or land, if they suffer losses or damages during the insured voyage or during loading or unloading operations. The insurance also covers losses and damages incurred while the goods are in a port whether seaport, airport or dry-port, for a period agreed upon and specified in the insurance policy.


Available Types of Policies

  1. Marine Cargo Single Shipment Insurance Policy
  2. Marine Cargo Open Cover Insurance Policy
  3. Marine Cargo Land Transit Open Cover Insurance Policy


Optional additional Covers

The insurance cover may be extended to include other perils not included in the original cover such as:

  1. War, strikes riots and civil commotion
  2. Extend the coverage of the duration of the goods on the seaport or airport premises
  3. Impact and breakage
  4. Additional costs for containers
  5. Repacking and bottling.



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