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This insurance protects all professions such as engineers, lawyers, architects, insurance brokers etc. against financial loss sustained by third partiies as a consequence of professional errors or omissions or wrongful advice committed by or given by the insured, and covers all amounts for which the insured becomes legally liable, such as damages cause to the third party in respect of errors or negligence of the insured during the course of his professional performance and arising from claims that are initially filed in writing against the Insured during the period of insurance and includes the expenses and legal costs incurred after obtaining the prior consent of the Company, but within the limits of compensation and other terms and conditions of the policy.


 1. Contractual liability.
 2. Libel or Slander.
 3. Pollution.
 4. Asbestos.
 5. War.
 6. Off-shore and Sub-Aqueous Works.
 7. Financial Failure & Trading Debts.
 8. Insolvency.
 9. Directors’ & Officers’ Liability.
10. Employer's liability.11. Aggravated, Punitive, Exemplary damages, Fines or Penalties


The insurance cover may be extended to include other perils not included in the original cover such as:* Loss of documents. 
* Libel & Slander.
* Dishonesty of Employees.
* Public Liability.

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