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In the event of an accident to the insured motor vehicle, the company will reimburse the Insured for the accidental damages sustained by the insured vehicle, third party's vehicle involved in the accident, his property and bodily injuries suffered or death in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.


Claims Terms and Conditions

All Motor Claims must include the following:

  • The compensation against the motor accidents is effected in accordance with the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the insurance policy and after completing the documents required. Any claim filed with incomplete supporting documents shall not be considered absolutely..
  • If additional supporting documents are required, the client or third party will be informed.
  • Estimation of the vehicle damage shall be at any of the centers of the program "Taqdeer" currently available in the city of Riyadh and will be located in the rest of the major cities later.
  • The motor accident report must be signed and stamped by the traffic police and / or Namj Company. All fields should be filled in with the required data.
  • The payment of compensation will be effected in a maximum period of fifteen (15) days from the date of completing all the documents required or as per the instructions of SAMA.
  • Any modification, erasure or deletion of data in the accident report renders it null and void unless it is stamped and signed by the issuing authority.
  • The original copy of the Car Registration (Estimara) and its Ownership Deed should be provided for matching with the copies furnished.

The claim supporting documents

All Motor Claims must include the following:

  1. The relevant claim form :.
  2. The official report from the authority attending the occurrence or accident.
  3. Copy of the Driving License (Driving License of the driver at the time of accident).
  4. Copy of the Car Registration (Estimara).
  5. The Repair Permit Document.
  6. The estimates of repairing the vehicles from the “Taqdeer” centers in Riyadh, or estimation from the workshops accredited by the traffic police or from the cars showrooms president (Sheikh Al-Ma'aredh) in the other cities.
  7. A legal court verdict on the injuries or death in case of bodily injuries or death cases.
  8. Estimates of insured vehicle repair for those covered by Comprehensive Policy in case of conviction rate on the third party or the presence of responsibility ratio on the insured vehicle.

Medical Insurance Claims

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