Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Saleh and Abdulaziz Abahsain Company, Ltd.
The discovery of oil in the late thirties firmly placed Saudi Arabia on the map of the world, as a wellspring of a strategic natural resource-Oil! The Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) needed local support in a time of minimal business enterprise, to exploit this future locomotive of industrial growth.

Brothers, Saleh and Abdulaziz responded jointly in meeting challenge. In 1947 they established an Electrical contracting business, which grew by 1953 to become Arabian Electric Supply Co. (AESC), a power distribution company. A Pipeline Construction Division was added to the Company soon after. This was followed by a Trading Division in 1961, and a Road Construction Division in 1965.

As the Saudi economy grew to accommodate the needs of an energy-intensive industrial world, Abahsain continued its commitment to assume a pioneering role in the country’s development. It diversified into Joint Ventures and Independent enterprises like Electromechanical Contracting, Civil Construction, Cable Tray & Metal Forming, Galvanizing, Petrochemicals, Furniture, Agriculture and Insurance; in addition to the Company’s wholly owned business units.

Today, ABAHSAIN stands out as one of the TOP SIXTY COMPANIES of Saudi Arabia and one of the TOP THREE vendors to Saudi Aramco. A Progressive and growing business group committed to participating in the economic growth of the Kingdom.

The group now includes the following divisions:
  1. Commercial Division
  2. Chemical Division
  3. Heavy Equipment Division
  4. Welding Products Division
  5. Foodstuff Division
  6. Automotive Division
  7. Cable Management Division (Flowserve)
  8. Communication Solutions Division
  9. National Galvanizing Division
  10. Luminaries Poles and Galvanizing Division (Omega)
  11. Furniture Manufacturing Division