Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Cigalah Establishment
Cigalah, although a member of the overall Yousuf M. A. Naghi & Sons Group, is in itself, a group of four companies and divisions. These include:
  • Consumer Products Division
  • Pharma & Healthcare Division
  • Watch, Textile & Retail Division
  • Zawaq Foods Company (Fully Fledged Manufacturing and Packing Operation)
Cigalah was initially a marketing and distribution company, whose overall philosophy put simply

"To Put the Right Products on Shelves in the Best Possible Light, and with the Best Marketing Support, so that Consumers Buy Them"

That simple but effective approach has resulted in Cigalah working with numerous blue chip companies, to provide a truly comprehensive nationwide distribution services for their products. Japan Tobacco, Davidoff (Imperial Tobacco - Reitsma), AItadis (Gitanes & Gauloises), Adams/Halls, Jordan, Nutricia, Foster Clark's, Timex, Coast (Campina), VOS/St Ives, Adidas, Walkers of Scotland, Hill Bros, Kent and many other reputable international companies have all agreed that Cigalah has the right chemistry to represent their products in Saudi Arabia. Behind Cigalah's approach is a formidable organization that focuses on increasing market share for its partners and principals. With its headquarters, main warehouse and administrative offices in Jeddah, supported by two regional offices in Riyadh and Dammam, and branch offices plus warehouses in eleven cities throughout Saudi Arabia, Cigalah’s sales force is able to cover more than 13,000 wholesale and retail outlets, almost 2,000 pharmacies and other key outlets.

A recent success story has been the Cigalah Group's Pharma & Healthcare Division. This division has firmly established itself not only in the market but also with a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical and personal healthcare products from international companies as diverse as Boots Healthcare (Strepsils-Clearasil-E45 Cream) in the UK, Serono of Switzerland to Biersdorf of Germany, 3M Healthcare and Julphar. The division can effectively target both the private and public sectors and has managed to sustain a consistent growth level averaging yearly at approximately 20 %.

The regulatory affairs department of the division is commissioned with the job of registering with the respective government authorities new products being introduced into the Saudi market as well as accurately classifying the products as either registered medication, herbal or moved into the non-registered free sale market segment

The Watch, Textile and Gift Division of the group markets a range of well-known brands of popular watches ranging from fun & sporty timepieces to the sophisticated Swiss dress watches. Also in its portfolio is a range of high quality cotton products including Shamaghs & Gutras (traditional Arab headdress) and male underwear.

Associated to the division although autonomously run are retail outlets specializing in exclusive and fine jewelry. These are in effect exclusive shops in prestigious shopping mans dealing in high value pieces of jewellry, the majority of which are one-off designer pieces.

They are also the sole agents for several brands of hand crafted Swiss watches.

The retail outlets in Saudi Arabia are intrinsically linked to the group's wholly owned exclusive London Showroom in Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, operating under the name of Johnson Walker, who source fine period & signed jewellery for the Saudi market.