Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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United Gulf Investment Corporation
Incorporated in 1991, UGIC is a public shareholding company listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange with paid up capital, BD 20 million. UGIC is considered a pioneer in identifying, developing, financing and sponsoring of industrial projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and beyond.

Throughout the past 16 years, UGIC has played a pivotal role in fostering the successful growth of notable industrial projects, such as; United Stainless Steel Company (founding shareholder, recently divested), Gulf Ferro Alloys Company (majority shareholder) and Dhahran Chemical Industries & Marketing (majority shareholder).

Furthermore, UGIC has recently, as co-founder shareholder, participated in establishing Tuareg Capital; a private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in North Africa, with specific focus on Libya and Algeria.

UGIC’s partners encompass an impressive cross-section of regional financial, industrial and government owned entities that includes amongst others; Saudi Arabian Basic Industrial Company (“Sabic”), Gulf Investment Company (“GIC”) and Qatar National Steel (“Qasco”).

Building on the strength of UGIC’s Board of Directors and ownership profile, UGIC executive management is exceptionally placed to further capitalize on the phenomenal growth of the GCC and surrounding economies.

UGIC’s principal business objectives are multi-focused:
  • To develop and promote industrial, chemical, and energy related projects, primarily in the Gulf region.
  • To identify and invest in direct investment opportunities (private equity).
  • To invest in listed stocks and other financial instruments
UGIC asses on an ongoing basis, a broad spectrum of green-field industrial, chemical and energy related opportunities. Current portfolio includes Gulf Ferro Alloys Company, Dhahran Chemical Industries & Marketing Company, Arabian Industrial Fibers Company and Yanbu National Petrochemical Company.

Underscoring Executive Management’s dynamic approach to investing, UGIC recently acquired a minority stake in private equity firm, Tuareg Capital. Such investment allows UGIC to extend a footprint over North Africa and participate as an investment manager and co-investor in a cross-section of opportunities in Algeria and Libya. Additionally, UGIC capitalizing on attractive valuation, recently exited from United Stainless Steel Company - Middle East’s first stainless steel company.

Further to the above, UGIC’s equity and fixed income portfolio is a mixture of proprietary trading and third party, managed funds - in diversified asset classes across regional and international markets.