Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Anwal United Trading Company
Anwal Trading is a professional and dynamic company that was set up in the late eighties as a partnership. With spiraling growth and ambitious plans it was converted in a public limited company in 2001. Today, it has a commanding presence in the areas of ladies and children’s apparel, cosmetics, shoes, accessories and furniture. Amongst its many brands are Etam, Orchestra, Jacadi, Origem, Parfois, Tree House, and Osh Kosh. All are well-known international brands.

The company has successfully commissioned and operates over 40 showrooms in the Kingdom as well as several international showrooms overseas. It employs approximately 500 employees in the Kingdom. Current plans include catering, operations automation, and real estate. Anwal recently purchased Omar Afandi chain of shopping malls in Egypt which includes more that 275 shopping malls in all areas of Egypt.

The owners and management team have excellent experience in the areas of operations, information technology, marketing, logistics and human resources which will no doubt add significant value to Kingdom insurance company.