The group term life insurance is offered by employers is yearly renewable providing coverage Death by Any Cause anywhere anytime (24 hours 7 days a week). It is the least expensive form of protection the employer can provide for his employees during their working years. The premium for the entire group is the sum of the appropriate age-based premium for each member of the group.

Exclusions :

1. Political Risks.
2. Deliberately Inflicted Injuries.
3. Attempted Suicide.
4. Breach of the Law.
5. Alcohol or Drugs.
6. Income Deriving Sports.
7. Hazardous Sports.
8. Aviation.
9. Nuclear or Radioactive Contamination.
10. Armed Forces.
11. Terrorism.
12. Nuclear/Checmical/Biological/Terrorism.
13. Mental Disorders.
14. Pregnancy and Childbirth.
15. HIV and AIDS.
16. Asbestos.
17. Cyber Risks.


* Accidental death benefits.
* Permanent Total Disability (Accident or Sickness).
* Temporary Total Disability (Accident or Sickness).
* Partial Total Disability (Accident or Sickness).
* Repatriation of Mortal remains.

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