This insurance covers loss of Money and/or Property as a result of Forgery or Embezzlement, Larceny and/or Fraudulent Conversion committed by an insured Employee alone or in collusion with others subect to the guarantee Limit of Liability as agreed as stated in the policy schedule and the terms and conditions of this policy.  


1) any change in the circumstances and conditions of the said employement.
2) War, Civil War, Warlike operations, malicious acts, riot, strike, lock-out and civil commotion etc.
3) loss of interest, loss of profits or any kind of consequential loss.
4) loss resulting from computer crimes.
5) computer virus, mechanical failure and / or programming error.
6) due to loss of or damage to data or software.


The insurance cover may be extended to include other perils not included in the original cover such as:
* Auditors Fees.
* Recovery costs.
*  Automatic addition & Deletion.
*  Claim Preparation Cost.

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