This insurance covers, if during the period of insurance the business carried on by the Insured at the premises specified is interrupted or interfered in consequence of a covered accident to machinery and plant insured under Machinery Insurance, then the Company shall in respect of each subject matter insured indemnify the Insured against the amount of loss resulting from such interruption or interference.


 1) Foundations and Masonry.
 2) Exchangeable and Replaceable Parts.
 3) Dies, Moulds, Patterns, Blocks.
 4) Parts Suffering a High Rate of Wear and Depreciation.
 5) Operating Media.
 6) Fire, Lightning and Chemical Explosion. 
 7) Overload Experiments and Tests.
 8) Faults or Defects or Willful Act and Negligence.
 9) Continual Influence of Operation.
10) Consequential Loss.
11) Terrorism.
12) Gradual Pollution. 


The insurance cover may be extended to include other perils not included in the original cover such as:
* Loss of gross profits resulting from continuous interruption or breakdown due to pollution or damage to raw materials,   intermediate or finished products or operating media.
* Loss of gross profits resulting from interruption of or interference with the business due to failure of the public power, water,   gas or steam supply following an indemnifiable loss of or damage.

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