Company’s Incorporation Phases

The Company was founded in 2009G, where the Founding Shareholders subscribed at the time for a total of (7,800,000) seven million, eight hundred thousand shares representing 60% of the Company’s share capital at the time of incorporation. They deposited the value of these shares which tantamount to (78,000,000) Seventy-eight million Saudi Riyals in Bank Riyadh in exchange for their shares. Additionally, (5,200,000) five million and two hundred thousand shares of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) representing 40% of the Company’s capital have been offered to the public at a price of ten (10) Saudi Riyals per share during the period from 10/14/1430H ( Corresponding to 03/10/2009G) to 20/10/1430 H (Corresponding to 09/10/2009G). The Company’s shares were listed and traded on the Saudi Stock Market as of 01/03/1431H (Corresponding to 15/02/2010G). The Company emphasizes that it has not granted any privileges or preferential rights to the Founding Shareholders or other shareholders. Since